For those service recipients who don't attend a work or therapy program we offer programming activities during the daytime hours.

Some examples of activities offered include:

  • Wise Mind Skills Group (DBT Skills Group)
  • Coffee Club
  • Exercise Club
  • Independent Living Skills Classes
  • Matinee Movie Club


​See the quarterly activity book for a complete listing of activities each month:

  • Make your own "food" nights
  • Game nights
  • BBQ's
  • Crafting
  • Potlucks
  • Movie and popcorn night
  • Apple-picking (seasonal)
  • Halloween decorating (seasonal)
  • Holiday card-making (seasonal)


Offering New Beginnings Since 1993

MDM Rubicon, Inc. •  Eastern Saint Paul, MN

** Activity schedules are subject to change and some activities are seasonal.  This programming is offered in addition to daytime staffing which also coordinates services and programming based on individual needs.

We take pride in providing person-centered supports that nurture the well-being of the persons we serve.